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Natural Ear Candles Hopi Ear Candles 10 Pack (5 pairs) Beeswax Ear Candling Cones Organic ear wax removal blocked ears therapeutic tinnitus relief, sinus release, migraine relief, holistic treatment


Great for all sorts of problems: such as headaches, tinnitus, sinus problems, excess ear wax (cerumen) and can improve sleep, hearing and breathing quality and reduce stress. Their conical shape creates a better suction effect.

Instructions for how to use the Hopi Ear Candles are included. Lie Down, relax & enjoy

FREE EBOOK with detailed guidance about ear candling and other techniques to maintain good ear health. Package Includes: 10pcs (5 pairs) Natural beeswax ear candling cones for natural ear health, safety discs and filters

Hopi ear candling kit includes 10 X Candles (5 pairs); 1 X Free E Book, and 5 X safety Disks. •Handmade hopi ear candles use only the best 100% natural ingredients such as premium quality pesticide-free untreated cotton, beeswax, honey extract and Indian herbs such as peppermint •The carefully developed, double safety filter prevents the risk of dripping wax. •The open channel of the filter makes each ear candle even more effective. The rounded end of the filter seals off the ear. To ensure you have a safe and fun experience when ear candling •Hopi Ear candling benefits include relief from sinusitis, rhinitis, glue-ear and tinnitus, reduction of inner ear irritation, helps with symptom relief from colds, influenza, headaches and migraines, improves the lymph system and metabolism. Regular use may prevent syringing and grommets being fitted. Improper use can be very damaging. •We at Palestren pride ourselves In Providing You the Highest Quality Products with our strict quality control procedures and detailed attention to materials. Our 100% organic natural beeswax candles are hand-crafted using the finest materials, with no pesticides, chemicals or harmful ingredients used. Especially designed for minimal smoke and ash and a wider top opening to achieve a more effective airflow. Box contains a mix of colours/scents of ear candles. May vary.



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