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1 Pair Wrist Supports Elastic Neoprene Protect Sport Sock Running Injury Sprain

2 x Elastic Neoprene Wrist Support Strap by Palestren

Protection and support for Sport Running Injury Sprain Breathable for Stabilizing and recovery

Two per pack Elastic neoprene wrist support protector brace


Twin pack light weight elasticated fabric neoprene Wrist support protector brace gym sport

Durable and comfortable, providing support with superior comfort

Fits comfortably for full unrestricted movement

Provides support and protection to muscles and joint helping with rheumatism and also can be used more generally for sports activities

Provides comfortable pressure

Elastic (neoprene) and fabric, one size fits most, helps retain body heat, speeding up the healing process

Easy to wear, suitable for many sports

Washable and reusable, holds shape and size through repeated washes and use

Color: Blue

Package Contents: 2 x Elastic neoprene Wrist support

This highly effective Wrist Support is ideal for a range of conditions and injuries:

From the prevention and treatment of sprained/ strained Wrist, sporting injuries, weak or arthritic Wrists, this product provides lateral support to help you recover and prevent further injury

Provides a high level of support for the Wrist joints, Provides stabilization in Wrist strains and sprains.

The neoprene material is ideal for heat retention which stimulates blood flow and speeds up healing process.

Can easily be worn inside most clothes.


Health, Beauty and Lifestyle Accessories
UK Reg No: OC393816
VAT Reg No: GB222171649
All prices inclusive of VAT @ 20% to UK and EU buyers

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