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Diet patch diary


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Day 5 - I don't know whether this is all in my mind, or perhaps the stress of having to remove a diet patch from my manly navel (ouch) on a daily basis has got to me, but after 5 days of patch wearing I have lost over half a stone!! Wow!

Watch this patches rule!

Day 12 - After 2 weekends of house visitors, involving much merriment and drinking and eating party food, thanks to the Slimline diet patches, I have remained at below 14 stones, thus meaning that I have lost a steady 14 pounds, weight loss, in less that two weeks, just from the diet patches!!! No more exercise than usual, no special meals. Just the power of the diet patch. Utterly brilliant. More than that is the general feeling of being 'smaller' which makes me want to 'help out the patch', with a bit of cheeky exercise. Momentous!


Day 16 - World cup football has taken it's usual Toll on my mood (same old Eng-er-land), my life in general, but not my weight! Normally I would have put it all back on by now, but still holding fast. Have promised to 'help the patch' after the Final. :) #football #worldcup #diet

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Day 30 - And so the #World Cup is over! My wife is very happy and my days of overeating, smoking and drinking copious amounts are over (for the time being!) 

Having spent the last 6 weeks or so eating and drinking to my hearts content I STILL remain under 14 Stones. I even forgot to use the patch a couple of times!


So now it begins, my summer of sense and sensibility. I'll be keeping the blog up to date and reporting my progress as I attempt the sub 13 Stone challenge! Hmmmm.....#dietman

Stage 1 was to fix the child seat to my (no longer) cool city bike. See ya later! :)



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Written by Paul Vassalli — May 23, 2014



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